The NU2205 is a 99% efficient, 10-A battery charging solution using a switched cap architecture. This architecture and the integrated FETs are optimized to enable a 50% duty cycle, allowing the cable current to be half the current delivered to the battery, reducing the losses over the charging cable as well as limiting the temperature rise in the application. The dual-phase architecture reduces the input cap requirements as well as reducing the output voltage ripple.


  • • 98.0% Efficient at 2:1 charge mode, 99.2% Efficient at 1:1 charge mode

    • Switched Cap Architecture Optimized for 50% Duty Cycle.

        üInput Voltage is 2x Battery Voltage (6.8 V to 9.5V)

        üOutput Current is 2x of Input Current (Up to 10 A)

        üReduces Power Loss Across the Cable

    • Bypass Mode from Adapter to Battery

        ü Low Ron Charging Path Resistance to Support 8A Input and Output Charging Current

    • Dual Input Power Path Management

       üTwo Drivers for External Back-back MOSFETs integrated to manage power from two different input sources

    • Support Mask and Primary/Secondary Slave Operation

    • Integrated Programmable Protection Features for Safe Operation

        üInput Over-Voltage Protection (BUS_OVP)

        ü Input Over-Current Protection (BUS_OCP) with Adjustable Alarm

        üBUS Reverse-Current Protection (BUS_RCP)

        üInput Over-Voltage with External OVP FET

        üBattery Over-Voltage Protection (BAT_OVP) with Adjustable Alarm

        üOutput Over-Voltage (VOUT_OVP)

        üIBAT Over-Current Protection (BAT_OCP) with Adjustable Alarm

        üBattery Temperature Monitoring

        üConnector Temperature Monitoring

    • Programmable Settings for System Optimization

        üSTAT, FLAG, and MASK options for Interrupts

        üADC Readings and Configuration

    • Integrated 15-Bit Effective Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

    ü-0.8%~1.2% VAC1, VAC2 Voltage

    ü-0.6%~1.4%BUS Voltage

    ü-5%~5.7% BUS current at 3A

    ü±3% BUS current at 4.5A

        ü±1% VOUT Voltage

        ü-0.14%~0.29% BAT voltage with Differential Sensing

        ü-2%~2.7% BAT Current at 9 A with External RSENSE =2mΩ

        ü±1% BAT Temperature and BUS Temperature

        ü±4 Die Temperature

  • • Smart Phones
  • • Tablet PC