单芯片SoC Tx,高集成度,Juggle保护,自动检测,符合WPC1.2.4 EPP


NU1708 is a new generation of highly integrated wireless power transmitter solution, it integrates a full-bridge power stage designed for a wide frequency range, a 32bit MCU core and a fast charge block of QC/PD protocol.

The power system integrates all critical functions, such as high-efficiency power FETs, low-EMI FET drivers, bootstrap circuit, 4.8V/1.8V integrated LDO power supply, lossless current measurement. The proprietary current-measurement circuit provides the accurate current reading used for the FOD (Foreign Object Detection) power measurement, in-band communication, Q factor detection, and digital demodulation. It also includes protection functions such as input under-voltage lockout, over-voltage protection, over current protection, innovative unique Juggle Protection circuit, and thermal shutdown. These provisions further enhance the reliability of the total system solution.

The device is housed in a thermally enhanced 4mm×4mm QFN package.


  •       Wide Input Voltage: 4V to 20.5V

          Integrated High-Efficiency Full- Bridge FETs and FET Driver Optimized for Low EMI

          Integrated 4.8V and 1.8V LDO

          High-Accuracy, Lossless Current Measurement for FOD and In-Band Communication

          Integrated high precision Q Factor Measurement

          Integrated Low-Error-Rate Digital Demodulation

          Robust OVP, OCP, SCP, OJP (Juggle Protection) and OTP Protection

          I2C and UART Interfaces

          11 channel, 15-bit ADC

          Integrated 92MHz, 32Bit/32K MTP/2K SRAM MCU Core

          Integrated QC/PD3.0(PPS)/SCP/AFC protocol function

          Ultra-Low quiescent current in SLEEP mode: <20uA

          4mm´4mm QFN Package

  • • 无线充电器